Frequently Asked Questions




What are the benefits of going into eBooks? 

A. It is the future of books. It is only wise that we, as publishers, be prepared for the migration to newer technologies. DC Books will help you to do so. 

B. It is an additional revenue source to the publishers now and the medium of selling for the future. 

C. It is difficult for the printed books to reach across the world. With eBooks, reach is certain to all readers across India, and the cost of producing the book and storing them doesn't arise. Saves substantially on both fronts, and additional revenue is the advantage.

D. Publishers can print and publish only the new books and fast moving titles in a physical format. Where as in eBook, all your titles can be made available to the readers, and it is sure to bring additional revenue to your kitty. In the eBook scenario this could add a substantial amount to your revenue.

Is there any other advantage to the Publisher?

A. In today's world web presence is critical for all publishers. DC Books will ensure your presence. 

B. Online physical bookstore can be maintained for publishers who opt for it.


Getting Started


What can publishers expect once they have signed up?

Publishers will receive a welcome kit from DC Books. Publishers will have to identify technical, billing and administrative contacts within their organization. DC Books team will work with the contacts to setup the process of enabling the sale of digital content on DC Books store.


Is it possible for those without electronic versions to participate?

Yes, for an additional fee DC Books will convert the non-digitized versions of titles into electronic versions.








In what format should publishers provide content?

Publishers can provide content in ePub or PDF format. Publishers can provide Metadata in XML/CSV format or DC Books will create the same for you.


If we don’t have books in ePub or PDF formats what should we do?

Please discuss this with our technical team and we may be able to find a solution for you.


Where will the content be kept?

Content will be kept on DC Books digital warehouse (on servers), or in rare cases where the publishers already have a reliable digital infrastructure it may be kept on their servers. The second option needs close technical integration between both DC Books and source servers and will be supported only in case of large publishers with a large number of titles in digital format and with a reliable online delivery mechanism.


What types of electronic content is sold by DC Books?

Books, Newspapers, Magazines, Trade publications, Audio Books and Music files are sold by DC Books online store.


What content is kept on DC Books online store?

Book covers (front and back covers), sample content from the book and Metadata is kept in the store. The actual title is kept on the digital repository and is released on purchase by the customer.


Will the DC Books Online Store support Audio Books and Music?

Yes, the Wink eReader and Online Store will support Audio Books and Music.


Which languages are supported?

Currently, DC Books supports English and 15 Indian languages.


Will you be supporting our content in other eBook readers in the market?

Yes, we are providing your content to Amazon Kindle.


How are Newspapers and other dynamic content updated?

DC Books team will work with the publisher to setup a process by which the publisher can publish the content on a regular basis to DC Books servers.


Will the newspapers and other dynamic content be available as soon as they are published?

They will be available on our portal as soon as they are published electronically.


Can our books/content reach the Indian language readers in other parts of the world? 

DC Books can sub license your books/content to other leading content providers across the globe. It can be done in the same way as it is done in the Indian market with protected DRM from your server/DC Books server. The content will be water marked to have high level of protection.







How is the content protected, how is piracy prevented by DC Books?

When a customer purchases an eBook the book is encrypted for the specific device at the server using the DRM software before it is sent to the device. The eBook can then be decrypted and opened ONLY on the device it is encrypted for.


What is DRM?

DRM is the acronym for Digital Rights Management software and is used to manage the rights on digital content.


What type of DRM is used by DC Books?

DC Books currently supports Adobe DRM as well our own proprietary DRM.


Sales & Pricing


How does the sale happen?

DC Books portal has a standard shopping cart and supports secure payments through credit cards, electronic transfers and by DD. Customers can purchase titles directly from the device or from a PC and transfer to the device.


Do you sell through other channels?

Books are sold through our online store and through kiosks placed at major book stores.


How can the publisher track sales?

Each publisher is given a login to the admin area on the DC Books Online Store where they can track online sales of their titles. A weekly report is also emailed automatically to publishers who have signed up for the same.


How are publishers paid and when?

Publishers can be paid electronically into their accounts or by cheque depending on their choice and settlement is done on a monthly basis.


Who decides the prices for the eBooks? Does it have to be always less than the hard copy prices?

The pricing of the eBook is determined by mutual consent between the Publisher and DC Books. We suggest prices in the range of 60-75% of the cover price of the printed book. Even with these kinds of prices, publishers stand to benefit, as the profit is more with the eBook for publishers, as the element of production cost is minimal. 


Wink eReader


What are the important features of the Wink eBook reader?

Wink eBook reader has WiFi connectivity, music player and support for multiple Indian languages.

It has the following specs in terms of dimensions, weight and display.


Wink XTS

Dimensions:  185mm (L) x 124.6 mm (W) x 10.9 mm (H) and weighs 260 grams with battery

Display: Gray Scale: 16-Level Gray Scale, Resolution: 800 x 600 pixels, Screen Size: 6" Measured Diagonally.

Wink XLite

Dimensions:  148mm (L) x 102mm (W) x 7.7 mm (H) and weighs 200 grams with battery

Display: Gray Scale: 16-Level Gray Scale, Resolution: 600 x 800 pixels, Screen Size: 5" Measured Diagonally.


What are some other major features of the device?

A QWERTY keyboard and additional software based features like eMail client and Games, FM radio and Open browser.


What is the battery life of the Wink eReader?      

The Wink eBook reader can support the power for turning not less than 8000 pages, music playing for up to 10 hours after being fully charged. The Reader  take approximately 4 Hours with USB charging from powered computer or 3 Hours when using optional AC charger.


How is the media transfer to device done - online through computer USB, wireless or both?

Our eReaders support WiFi by default; it can be connected to a Wireless Network. PC based transfer is supported through USB. An optional GPRS module (SIM Card required) is supported



What types of files are supported by Wink eBook reader?

Our readers support all industry standard formats and they are as follows.

Wink XTS

Text formats including: PDF, HTML, WOLF, CHM, FB2, DJVU

Image formats like: JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF and BMP

Audio formats: MP3 and AAC

Wink XLite

Text formats including: EPUB, PDF, TXT, HTML, FB2, CHM, PRC, MOBI

Image formats like: JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP

Audio formats: MP3, WMA, WAV 


Can content be downloaded directly from device?

Yes, content can be downloaded through WiFi/3G connectivity provided in the device.


Is device enabled for Adobe DRM?

Adobe DRM is available on the device. The device can be activated through Adobe DRM and shall support Adobe content.


Does device have backlight support?

Device does not support backlight. It is based on e-ink technology which provides normal book reading experience without straining the eyes.


What are the future models?

In the immediate future, we will launch device models that support 3G connectivity. We are also planning for models with increased Display size and color display support.



What do I do when the device can’t be switched on?

Press power key for 2-3 seconds or else open the lid on the backside of the device and switch on if it is turned off. If device does not switch on connect it with USB to PC or power source since battery may have been exhausted.



Why am I not able to see the content copied to device?

Device has internal memory as well it has support for SD card. Please check in which memory content has been copied. To switch memory state press ‘Menu’ key and select corresponding memory, open ‘My Library’ and check for the content.



What should I do when I am not able to navigate through links when webpage is opened?

Press ‘Menu’ key at web page, select ‘Navigate link’ and links can be selected through arrow keys.


Where do I find detail user manual?

Press “Menu” key at device home screen and select “User manual”, detail manual shall open which has all features and specifications for various functions.


How to download eBooks?

Kindly logon to create user id, now select any book and purchase it. Books can be downloaded through payment through PC or device directly. eBooks once purchased shall be stored in My eBooks in user account and can be downloaded anytime.


How to register device?

Login to DC Books portal; select My account =>My Wink Devices. Enter device id and click register.


How to find device id?

Press “Menu” key at device home screen. Select “About”, it will display device id.


Can I copy read content copied from other portal/source?

Yes content from any other source can be copied on to device and read if format is supported by the device and it is not DRM protected. (Note device supports Adobe DRM)



Why am I not able to do ‘Search’ in PDF Zoom?

Please check if it is layout and then zoom out for Search.



How do we check the Firmware Version of a Wink eReader?

1. Power on your Wink.

2. From Home Screen of the Device – Press Menu Key

3. Select Option 5 – "About".

4. See First Row is Firmware Version – V1.00.YYYYMMDDxxxxINDIA

5. YYYYMMDD – Depict the year, month and Date of version of Firmware.


What are the prerequisites for the Firmware UPGRADE of the Wink eReader?

1. SD Card

2. Fully Charged Wink Device

3. USB Cable

4. Firmware Version – as noted above


How is the firmware upgraded on a wink Device?

1. Download the Firmware UPGRADE to your PC’s Desktop.

2. Unzip the content of the Zip file and copy the files to the Root of SD card which should be in the card drive of your PC.

3. Power OFF the Device.

4. Insert SD Card with firmware into the device.

5. Press and hold Volume UP key and switch on the Power and KEEP the VOLUME UP KEY pressed till Device Display message "Initial Device Please wait…".

6. Press "Enter" key, when the device pop up message "Press Enter Key to… "

7. The update will take 5 minutes to complete . DO NOT POWER OFF OR USE THE DEVICE DURING THIS PROCESS.

8. Press any key when Device displays "Update successful, Press any Key to Reboot".

9. Device will boot up and will be ready to use.

Please e-mail us at  for any help.